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Welcome to the UNH Collection of insects and other arthropods!

About us

colleciton image1With almost 700,000 specimens and growing, the UNHC is the largest arthropod depository and research collection in northern New England. Over 12,000 species are represented from different regions of New England, featuring many specimens collected from the White Mountains. The UNHC is part of the Department of Biological Sciences and the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture and is dedicated to preserving the rich historical information encompassed by the collection and committed to acquiring new specimens and resources useful to the UNH Department of Biological Sciences and greater scientific community.

The collection is largely arranged by taxon; different orders have separate cabinets, within each order specimens are arranged alphabetically by family, genus, then species. Most of the specimens in the UNHC can be searched for and their associated information and images accessed and downloaded through our webportal.

bombus collection imageThe UNHC may be of particular interest to scientists studying wild bees. The Rehan Bee Lab is located at the University of New Hampshire and works closely the UNHC to produce informion required for assessing wild bee statuses and recommendations for conservation efforts. The Bee Lab frequently deposits voucher specimens from their ongoing local surveys and annual BioBlitzs.  As such, bees are one of the best represented and curated groups in the UNHC.

Please contact the us for collaboration opportunities or to schedule a visit.